Specialising in high performance engines everything from time attack and drag racing to extreme expedition engines as used in overland expeditions to Siberia and  the north pole.

We have built many mazda mx5/miata and 323 gtr and gtx engines over the 17\18 years,  be it for turbo use or high compression na motors with throttle ITBS and cams.

We have also carried out major and minor repair work to mx5s and 323s.

All of our engines are rebuilt using ARP fasteners all around and calibrated  torque wrenches, if we are doing your engine rebuild  you can rest assured that its in good hands, we will take photos of almost every stage of the engine rebuild that way you know exactly what's gone into it and when you come to sell it you have some proof of the work.

all engines are built to spec, all clearances are measured we do not take any chances with your engine, we set the piston end gaps to each cylinder, we hone the block using the correct stones and specs set out by the ring manufacturers,we balance each rod to piston and then the rod and piston to each bore, everything is hot tanked/solvent washed,assembled with assembly lube and torqued with precision and care, the full rotating assembly is balanced and checked.