Specialising in high performance engines everything from time attack and drag racing to extreme expedition engines as used in overland expeditions to Siberia and  the north pole.

We have worked with a wide variety of toyota engines and have restored engines from many toyota race cars everything from a formula atlantic 4age to an engine from  mid 90s rally catalunya . As we restored these engines we have learned a lot about  the strengths and weakness’s of  the toyota engines and the difference between official toyota racing engines and the publicly available toyota sports engines.

Autocraft has also helped many enthusiasts around europe and the uk build their dream engine, be it for a fast road car or an official timed competition with regulations on bore,stroke and throttle body size.

We have worked with extreme high compression ratio n/a motors with itbs and very wild camshafts revving in excess of 10000rpm and have also built turbo engine which have run above 2 bar of boost and in excess of 700bhp.

We have experience with everything from crank ladders,girdles,braces to sleeves and custom camshafts which we can order in for specifically for a custom build

restoration/overhaul 3SGTE/4AGE PARTS MACHINE WORK